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Slant Headstones

This beautiful memorial design, much like a flat headstone but positioned at an angle is also known as a slanting memorial marker or cemetery slant. Although this style shares similarities with the upright design, slanted memorials tend to be shorter and thicker.

Slanted Headstone Design Considerations

A slanted or beveled memorial style is prized for its design flexibility and the many options is provides. For example, your stone may be designed with a flat, arched or curved top edge. The edges and sides may be polished to a smooth finish or left in their more natural, unpolished finish. The back edge may also be left natural or polished to allow additional engraving on the back. Many families utilize the back surface to include a hymn, poem or meaningful bible verse. Based on the cemetery’s specifications, these designs can be created in virtually any height or width that you prefer.

Additional Customization and Options

Slant gravestones can sit directly on the ground, or you can choose a rectangular base for the stone to rest upon. Base design can vary in material, height and finish, with the option to add additional decorative elements. With a wider base, for example, you may wish to add a single flower vase or a matched pair, one on each side.
Whether you select a single face or double face slant stone, your options for customizing the memorial are virtually limitless. This design is ideal for commemorating a companion or family plot, as well as for the individual. In Utah, Superior Monument can assist you in selecting the design that best represents your loved one, to create an enduring tribute.